Aiming to inspire 71% of Britains 18-24 year olds to vote

Not for profit organisation ‘Bite the Ballot’, which aims to inspire youth voters to become more engaged with politics, approached us to develop a pivotal new tool ahead of this year’s general election. Aimed at a target audience of 18-24 year olds, Verto will provide potential voters with a series of statements to help provoke thought around topical issues, with the aim of helping to inform the user on where they sit on the political spectrum.

Bite the Ballot Verto online app

Working with an industry leader on this project allowed us to utilise the latest technology effectively, engaging a new generation of voters. CTI Digital has shown an excellent understanding of the project requirements and will play an integral role in strengthening our campaign. They have produced a solution that is perfect for this target audience, namely simple, intuitive accessible, fast. We are delighted.
Ben White, Chief Creative Officer at Bite the Ballot


youth turnout

aim to be inspired by tool.



feedback given to users.


modal dials

visualise how the user, local area & country may vote.



to help provoke thought.

Key Processes

Fully responsive

Verto has been designed to be fully responsive, meaning it will automatically resize to fit all smartphones, tablets and desktop screens.

Built using HTML5

Digital innovation using the latest technologies to ensure a quick and robust delivery – using the Google AngularJS (front end framework) and firebase (real time data store).

Quick turnaround

Under 3 months to agile working and daily calls with the client to get the concept off the ground for the tight deadline.

Politically neutral design

Our creative team carefully designed the overall appearance of Verto to be politically neutral to ensure the appearance would not influence users responses.

Optimised for young users

Gesture and interactions are optimised for the target user group which allows swiping left or right to agree / disagree, to increase engagement.

The results

Verto bite the ballot website

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