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Service Desk Analysts are the first point of contact for customers who need support assistance and play a crucial role in ensuring that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

In this blog, we will explore a typical day for Mohammed Qibriya, our Service Desk Analyst, including their responsibilities, the types of issues they encounter, and the skills and qualities that are essential for success in this role.


A Day In The Life of a Service Desk Analyst


What time do you like to start work?

I personally usually like to start working anytime between 8:30 AM - 9AM.


How long have you been at CTI?

I have been at CTI for 1 year so far. 


Please can you break down what your typical workday looks like?

My typical work day looks very different each day due to the nature of my work. Each day is different due to the different demands and needs of our clients, Some days I’ll spend all day triaging as there maybe a influx of incoming tickets from clients and other days It’ll be me spending a lot of time investigating/recreating client issues with their sites and some days it will be a mix of both.


What made you get into technical support?

I got into technical support because this is something that I have always thought I was good at and have always had a love of technology from a young age. The way technology works and how things are fixed when they are not working correctly. 


What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on so far at cti?

So far I believe working on RCOT during November/December 2022 was the most exciting, as they had a huge influx of tickets coming in during this time. The reason I enjoyed this a lot as this taught me a lot about the Drupal CMS that we use for a lot of our clients, and helped me understand it a lot more. 


What is your troubleshooting process?

My troubleshooting process is as follows:

  •  Do we have all the information required to recreate the issue?
  •  If so, can we recreate this issue ourselves?
  •  If not, can we get the information required?
  •  Use the information provided to recreate
  •  Note down the actual result of the issue compared to what the expected result 
  •  Note down any details that may help for further investigations by a developer
  •  Always leave a description of the issue 


What’s your go-to lunch?

Spicy Noodles! I mainly work from home and my lunch is a noodle brand called Samyang, ohh they're so good! (Anyone reading this, note they are really spicy so be aware in case you're tempted hehe) but it’s a little hard to have in the office (Manchester) so I end up having curry brought from home or a meal deal from Co-op.


What excites you the most about your job?

Each day to be honest as I look forward to what the next day will look like and how different it will be from the last.


Have you grown during your time here?

I feel like I've learnt a lot but I have so much more that I want to learn and achieve. I'm hoping to use my CPD days this year to get on top of my extra learning! 


What advice would you give to an aspiring Service Desk Analyst?

My advice, won't be something along the lines of making sure you know everything and anything about technology. It would be to ensure that you have a passion for technology and that you have a clear thought process. There’s a lot of learning involved and it's something you’ll really enjoy!


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