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Drupalcamp 2018

Drupalcamp London returns in March for its 6th year. As the largest Drupal camp in Europe, it provides a scale of high-quality knowledge I rarely see elsewhere. If you’re new to Drupalcons and camps, Drupalcamp is a three-day knowledge-sharing conference in London that attracts a wide variety of over 600 Drupal stakeholders, including developers, agencies, business owners, and end users.

As a Drupal development agency contributing to the software for the past 15 years, we’re always looking to support the growth of the community. One major investment we make is sponsoring Drupalcamp London for the past 6 years. I’m a big supporter of the London event and if anything sums up the weekend, I believe this quote from Paul Johnson does the job.

I genuinely think Drupalcamp London is amongst the best Drupal event in the world. The breadth of topics covered is unparalleled and the high quality of speakers is a real draw.

Paul Johnson, Drupal Director at CTI Digital.



This year I’m set to be attending the CXO day on Friday 2nd March, a day that focuses on what Drupal means to its end users. It’s a rare opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and to hear how business leaders have been utilising Drupal and Open Source technology in the past year. The event is attended by a variety of end users new and familiar with Drupal, leaders from digital agencies, and wider Drupal business community. Opportunities for networking spaces with attendees will also be a valuable addition to the day, an area I will be frequenting.

At the CXO day our client, Dave O’Carroll, Head of Digital at War Child UK will be discussing what CTI's rebuild of the charity’s website has done for their end user experience and ability to increase their impact across the digital sphere.


Who’s attending?

Our Drupal Director and Evangelist, Paul Johnson and I will be attending. It will be an extremely busy day so if you would like to meet please do get in contact. We'll be glad to share our knowledge of Drupal and discuss our experiences working with London.gov and RCOT.

Drupal newbies and veterans will also be attending the weekend along with agencies and businesses invested in the world of Drupal. The organisers conducted an interesting survey of the attendees last year, as you can see below a majority attend to learn and share their knowledge of Drupal.

CXO Drupalcamp attendees

Drupalcamp study into reason for attending Drupalcamp 2017


The CXO always sells out quickly, visit their website now to find out more and register to attend. See you there.

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