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  • Customer journey masterclass from discovery to delivery
Mastering the customer journey in the fashion industry is critical for eCommerce success.

The return rate of eCommerce purchases in fashion & apparel stands at 40%, compared to just 8.9% of in-store purchases. This indicates the extent of the challenges online retailers face when satisfying their customers’ needs.

Over 60 merchants joined our most recent customer journey masterclass from discovery to delivery hosted by The Fashion Network and eCommerce Club .

From the CTI family we had both Michael Ashworth, Director of ecommerce sales for the CTI Group and Agne Kuklyte, from Mosquito joining VP of Marketing Nikki from Pimberly to discuss:

  • Why is it imperative to have a smooth customer journey?​
  • Where does the purchasing journey start?​​
  • The importance of the product page in the buying journey​
  • How to optimise your website for the buyer journey​
  • Checkout frustrations​
  • Does the purchase end at checkout?​
  • Returns: How are things changing here?

If you’re a fashion retailer looking to improve conversion, reduce returns and drive customer loyalty, check out the recording!

If you like what we had to say and want us to help you with your brand's customer journey then contact the team, below!

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