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This weekend we hosted members of NWDUG who held the UK’s first ever distributed Drupal Sprint, together with the London Drupal community.


A sprint is where contributors work together for a set amount of time creating code, documentation, etc. Participants will learn from others as they go, but the focus is not on instruction. The goal is to create working software.”


Several members of our team joined the sprint, and helped to facilitate the event, along with NWDUG organisers Elliot Ward and Phil Norton. Working in parallel with our London-based peers, the sprint generated a greater sense of comradery. As a proud proponent of the open source community, I find that working on issues alongside others creates an energy hard to replicate any other way.

The day started with a live stream between the two venues. Using the #Drupal-UK Slack channel, plus Google Drive, we were able to easily coordinate. Our combined efforts for the day focused on 32 issues, hand-picked from Drupal.org.

The Manchester group was a healthy mix of those relatively new to Drupal, long-term advocates and regular contributor Brian Teeman, from the Joomla project.


NWDUG Drupal SprintWe welcomed a diverse group of contributors.



Much of the emphasis was on contributing to Umami, the out of the box initiative to demonstrate Drupal's capabilities.

Yet, I’m keen to practice what I preach, believing that community contributions need not be confined to open source code. So, during the sprint, I worked on producing a blog post and short film with Eli to promote the upcoming Unconference in November.

Between London and Manchester, and in just one day, 8 issues were completed ready to be RTBC’d (Reviewed and Tested by the Community). Of these, 3 passed review. A film was produced and several attendees became contributors to Drupal 8 core. A very productive Saturday indeed!

Get involved with the local Drupal community to join open source projects like this. If you would like to find out more about NWDUG’s Unconference please visit their website.

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