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As I embarked on a recent journey to enhance the usability of Drupal from the perspective of both site owners and editors, I stumbled upon what could be a game changer for content editors – the "Same Page Preview" module.

This module offers an innovative solution, providing a page preview seamlessly integrated into the editing process. Say goodbye to the hassle of toggling between the edit form and a separate preview window. With the "Same Page Preview" module, it's all about real-time content visualisation and efficiency.

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Key Features

Effortless Installation

Setting up the "Same Page Preview" module is a breeze, and it's a matter of a simple checkbox configuration against specific content types.

On-Page Canvas Preview

When adding or editing content, an on-page canvas preview elegantly unfolds. As you interact with the edit form fields, the preview updates in real time, offering an instant, dynamic view of your content.

Custom Display Options

Tailor your preview experience to your liking. Choose to open the display in a new window, view content in full-screen mode, or select your preferred display mode. The module is all about personalising your content editing workflow.

Custom Display Options


Why it matters 

Watch a Short Demo: https://youtu.be/Mh_plCpt1_A

The "Same Page Preview" module has recently received recognition on the Talking Drupal podcast, where its potential was discussed. Furthermore, there's an active issue in the Drupal core ideas project advocating for the inclusion of this module in the Drupal core.

In my opinion, integrating "Same Page Preview" into the Drupal core would be an invaluable asset. I've encountered numerous projects where the concept of in-page content previews has sparked considerable interest and discussion.

Join me in exploring the possibilities that this module brings to the Drupal community and in advocating for its inclusion in the Drupal core. Let's make content editing even more user-friendly and efficient.

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