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  • Happy 5th birthday drupalcamp london

One of the biggest benefits Open Source Software comes from collaboration. In Drupal we foster collaboration and it transcends every discipline from coding, design, user experience to community affairs and even business. This open collaboration helps us achieve far greater impact than working in isolation.

David Munn, Head of Information Technology at Greater London Authority, articulated so well from his organisation’s perspective why so collaboration has value.

Open source software like Drupal strips away barriers to innovative development. Previously, license arrangements prevented us from innovating, not to mention IT is traditionally a solitary endeavour.

For me DrupalCamp London is a special time in the calendar where many of us gather and reaffirm our sense of being part of something bigger than us. There’s something powerful about a conference of this scale, being face to face with those on a daily basis you only meet in the ether. It is invigorating and empowering.

Celebrating it’s 5th Birthday, yes Alex Burrows we are expecting cake, I’m certain we are in for an exceptional weekend. We have 2 staff selected to present during the weekend. Both talks reference real world client project and emphasise hitherto emphasised important benefits of Drupal 8 to developers and end users alike.

“A new era of accessibility in Drupal 8” - Phil Wolstenholme
Drupal 8 is the most accessible version of Drupal, and brings with it some features not seen in any other Content Management System, open-source or proprietary.
Whether you’re a Drupal newbie or a seasoned developer, anyone can take advantage of these features that come out-of-the-box. We’ll learn how to make the most of them, why they are necessary, and how to extend them in our own custom development to keep up high standards of accessibility.

“A-jax of all trades” - James Hall
A whistle-stop tour of the Drupal AJAX API including some of the changes and improvements introduced in Drupal 8. This is a relatively high-level introduction to the topic and is aimed aimed at those developers who have had little or no experience with the API previously.

Friday’s CxO Day - The business of Drupal
The CxO day is always a highlight for me. The knowledge exchange it fosters between business, public sector, non profit end users of Drupal and suppliers is vital to ensure we continue to evolve and improve our understanding. I enjoy speaking to people from the variety of sectors and sizes of organisations, discussing how Drupal may provide answers to their business challenges.

If you are not already coming and have an afinity to Drupal I encourage you to join us. See you in London!

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