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Over the years we’ve taken on a number of graduates at CTI, across departments and in a variety of different roles. Graduates’ enthusiasm, and excitement to get stuck in with the team, is always great to see.

We believe that each year of graduates has something unique to offer, with a fresh perspective on the digital sphere.

Two of our latest recruits, Lincoln and Gareth, recently joined the Drupal Team. Although they have already been with CTI for a month or two, they celebrated their official graduations just last week. We asked them to tell us about their journey so far:


Lincoln's Story:

I studied Web Development at the University of Salford, where I was exposed to a range of skills and technologies which helped me prepare for the working world.

The main skills that have proven useful thus far at CTI are those that I learnt during a year-long placement as a front-end developer and in my final academic year. During those last 2 years, I was able to gain a further grasp of the world of web development than I ever had before. One of these skills included the use of the PHP framework ‘symfony', which is very similar to Drupal in some aspects. This technical familiarity, along with my passion for web development, has made my integration into the working life at CTI smooth and comfortable.

I really enjoy the working environment at CTI. As a graduate, one of my fears was to work somewhere that lacked a personal development and support system; but CTI has proven to be the complete opposite. I've had constant support along the way, from every team member as well as my mentor. The mentor scheme involves having an experienced and seasoned developer sit next to you, ready to answer any questions or to help with any struggles; this was the main reason I chose to work at CTI. The focus on helping new graduates to progress was something which drew me to the company. This support has proved vital in helping me become comfortable in the new environment quickly and easily.

The reason I chose to work in an agency was because I wanted to work and learn at a fast pace, using the latest technologies at industry standard. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at CTI has meant that I really enjoy the work I’m doing. In this positive environment, I have learnt something new with each day and I can already feel the positive effects towards my own personal development.


Gareth- Graduate Drupal Developer

Gareth's Story:

Studying BSc Computing & Web Development at the University of Bolton opened my eyes to the world of web development technologies, techniques and a large array of programming and scripting languages. The first year of study was certainly the hardest: coming from an automotive repair background, the shift in mindset from repairing cars to academia was a challenge within itself.

I started my academic journey with a foundation year, as I did not have the necessary qualifications to follow the standard route into higher education. This prepared me for the challenges ahead and gave an insight into programming languages, academic writing and research.

The first year of the degree provided a number of other challenges, including maths and problem solving modules, along with the creation of a custom linux distro using source code. This module taught me how to use linux and the command line, which is something I use on a daily basis whilst developing for CTI. An introduction into JavaScript, PHP, HTML & CSS further fueled my interest in web development, increasing my enthusiasm to upskill. My aim was to start a new career as a junior developer.

The second and third year were the backbone to my personal development, gaining knowledge and skills using PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, Codeigniter and October CMS. The use of Git version control and Agile methodologies mimicked industry standards providing an insight into commercial development. This academic journey gave me a well-rounded skill set and the confidence to apply for job opportunities.

My interview with CTI went amazingly well, resulting in full-time employment and completing my career change. The opportunity CTI provided has led me on the path to becoming a Drupal 8 developer, with the aim to be a specialist within back-end development. This opportunity has allowed me to explore Drupal 8, a content management system I was previously unfamiliar with. The level of support and advice from the entire team has been astonishing. My next milestone will be the completion of the Acquia Developer exam, enabling me to become one of the first Acquia Certified Developers within the CTI.  


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At CTI, we are invested in supporting the next generation of developers and embracing the opportunities for change that they bring. Our latest recruits have embarked on a six-month plan, balancing study, technical qualifications and work shadowing. The aim is to prepare graduates fully before they embark on a more active role delivering work for clients.

The programme has been designed to give graduates the opportunity to gain real-world agency experience, learning CTI processes and best practices from day one, in line with our ISO accreditation.

We continue to define and adjust our Graduate and Apprenticeship Schemes, as we aim to nurture the next generation of developers, designers, and marketers. As we begin to offer tailored mentoring schemes and internships to young people outside of university as well, we hope to stand out as an agency at the cusp of innovation and new talent. Check out the 2020 opening and pre-register now!

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