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  • Its national occupational therapy week

From the 4th to the 10th of November, the Royal College of Occupational Therapy (RCOT) and occupational therapists (OTs) everywhere are celebrating the work they do together and for their patients.

OT Week 2019Occupational Therapy Week 2019


This year's theme is ‘Small Change Big Impact.’

RCOT wanted to celebrate the cumulative impact of small, everyday actions. This year’s theme represents how the small actions occupational therapists make every day can build over time to improve lives.

We worked closely with RCOT to build a space for OTs to share their small changes. Together, we created mini-profiles for OTs to submit their stories, detailing ‘The Challenge’, ‘The Change’ and ‘The Impact’.

We created an online ‘wall’ to showcase user-generated content. Each submission is added to the wall to demonstrate how making small changes made every day can create a huge impact.

All of the submissions are also available to share on social media, so OTs and their networks can celebrate each other's stories.

View the wall for yourself (and submit if you're an occupational therapist!)


Small Change, Big Impact Occupational Therapists Wall

Small Change, Big Impact Occupational Therapists Wall


The Technical Stuff

Interested in the wall's features? Here’s how it works:

For a seamless content management experience, we built the feature within RCOT's existing Drupal 8 platform.

The wall features an infinite scroll, to create the feeling of a never-ending community of OTs. The CMS instantly resizes images to enhance performance on an infinite scroll and reduce overall load speed.

Images have a colour tint applied and ‘stars’ are assigned to featured winners on the wall for a complementary look and interactive experience.

The wall is designed to handle a high volume of submissions at once, without crashing or slowing down. We also integrated content management permission levels and control, allowing RCOT to manage and approve each submission within seconds.

The submission form is fully accessible, adhering to WCAG standards, and features a crisp, clean user experience for a frictionless mobile experience.

Privacy and GDPR

All submission forms include GDPR permission controls to protect the OTs. There are also additional fields to protect their patients and avoid any personal information being submitted within OT profiles. This leads to a safe and secure community environment where users feel comfortable to share their story.


Are you a fan of the wall? Get involved on twitter with #OTWeek2019, or speak to our experts.


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