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So, what is MancSAS lighting talk? 

MancSAS are a group of industry leading experts interested in online search, organic and paid, social and analytics. They run a number of meet-ups all over Manchester to allow like-minded individuals to get together with a beer and talk about the latest trends and share useful tips. 

To keep things interesting, instead of giving just one long talk there will be a series of 6 “lightning talks” lasting 5 minutes each. 

Our SEO Manager, Dan Morehead will be giving a talk titled “Making Short Work of Longtail”. Dan has worked with big names in the travel and betting industry as well as Not-for-Profit organisations. His talk will include advice on long term SEO strategy as well as how to optimise your whole site and not just your homepage, attracting organic traffic along various stages of the conversion funnel. 

The other talks will include: 

  • Justifying your digital expertise 
  • Making Short Work of Longtail 
  • The content engagement review process 
  • Search Operators, Navigating Google’s Index
  • 5 Top Tools for WordPress SEO 
  • Whistlestop Tool Tour for Whole Brain Marketing 

Where is it happening? 

#MancSAS will take place this Wednesday (10th February) from 6.30pm at the I-COM office on Portland street. You can register your interest in attending on their Facebook event page here.

Image via Jackson Lees via Flikr 

About the author

James Wilkinson
James Wilkinson
James has worked at CTI Digital since 2014 heading up our marketing department and is the driving force in ensuring all our clients accounts achieve an increasing ROI year on year. James has previous experience in Google Analytics and Adwords management, and has handled account spends of over £300,000 per year. He then moved into automated marketing working on a range of B2B and B2C clients driving engagement, deliverability and automated campaigns. He has experience of running fully integrated campaigns for clients and working on an ongoing basis driving leads for businesses and sales for ecommerce clients.

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