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Yesterday, Magento announced at it's Annual 'Imagine' conference in Las Vegas that the latest minor release of the Magento 2.2 branch is coming on the 2nd May.

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The following blog post discusses the key highlights from the Magento 2.2.4 release, what the release means for merchants, and provides information on how you can upgrade.


Amazon Pay

Amazon Payments will now be available in the core platform, allowing users to complete the checkout process using their billing, shipping and payment information already stored in their existing Amazon account.

This feature not only reduces the number of inputs required from customers in the checkout flow, but it also provides credibility and trust towards the merchant as the customer's' card information is processed via Amazon, a familiar brand, and does not pass through the Magento application.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 17.04.29 (1)

Screenshot showing the Amazon Pay Address Book.

Get started: Merchants will be required to set up an Amazon Pay account with Amazon to use this feature which can be completed on the Amazon Pay website. https://pay.amazon.com/uk

Klarna Payments

In 2017 Permira Investments (Owners of Magento) acquired a strategic stake in Klarna Payments who are a Swedish Payments company widely known for their innovative payment options 'Slice It' and 'Pay Later' which allows customers to offset the cost of a purchase over a defined period. 

The 2.2.4 release of Magento now comes with support for Klarna Payments as part of the core platform.

Get started: To enable Klarna payments in Magento, Merchants will be required to set up a Klarna account which can be achieved on their website https://www.klarna.com/uk/business/


Vertex are a leading provider of Tax Automation technology solutions which are designed to simplify how companies both handle tax rates and complete their tax returns.

The 2.2.4 release of Magento comes with Vertex integration which is configurable out of the box to allow customers to calculate the Tax required on an order based on the cart contents and shipping location.

Get started: To enable Vertex, Merchants will be required to set up a Vertex account which can be achieved on their website https://www.vertexsmb.com/

Further Mentions

The 2.2.4 release of Magento also comes with over 200 contributions from the Magento Community which we are proud to say we have helped to achieve, and several enhancements to Dotmailer and Magento Shipping.

As we approach the release date you will be able to read the full release notes on the Magento Developer Docs.


Upgrading to Magento 2.2.4

If you're looking to find out more about upgrading to Magento 2.2.4 then why not speak to our team of Magento Certified Experts.

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Alternatively you can find the official documentation from Magento online

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