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This week, we’ll bring together the marketers who are making a difference in the industry, at a meeting of minds we’re calling the Changemakers’ Summit: Navigating the future of Customer Experience (CX).

Navigating the Future of CX at The Changemakers’ Summit
The delegates - who are predominantly from the world of luxury goods marketing - come together at a troublesome time for the industry - a recent Financial Times article suggests that the post-Covid boom in luxury spending is beginning to slow.

The industry needs to find alternative routes to grow their businesses and mitigate this potential issue; In 2024 and beyond, excelling in Customer Experience (CX) will hold a significant advantage in standing out within this increasingly competitive landscape.

Attendees will dive into the cutting-edge trends and technologies reshaping the CX landscape and discover how to embrace personalisation, leverage AI, and craft customer journeys that go beyond expectations.

Developed by CTI Digital and Core Media, and designed to bring together visionary marketers committed to driving transformational change in the industry, the event will focus on in-depth, intimate discussions among senior client-side marketers. We’ll explore the latest trends in CX and focus on scalable, forward-thinking strategies that can shape the future of the industry.

On the day, we will be joined by renowned experts and thought leaders who are redefining the very meaning of customer experience. Attendees will be able to collaborate with fellow changemakers to brainstorm, prototype, and develop real-world solutions to CX challenges. 

Senior Vice President of Business Development for CTI Digital, Steve Gale, comments: “The Changemakers' Summit is the inaugural event in a series we have developed, focused on empowering brands to lead the charge in CX transformation. We're committed to fostering a vibrant community of changemakers and are so excited to be kicking off these events.”

Vice President of North America and Northern Europe at CoreMedia, Steve Russell, added, “This is our chance as an industry to push boundaries and co-create the future. The event is designed to provide inspiring insights to enable our attendees to gain actionable strategies to implement in their own organisation.”

The Changemakers’ Summit is igniting a new era in marketing strategy, fostering innovation, and empowering marketers to lead the charge in business transformation. We’ll be sharing all the valuable learnings on our social media and website, so stay tuned for insightful recaps and key takeaways soon.

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