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Omega is one of the most widely used Drupal base themes and has always been known for pushing the boundaries. The latest version, 4.x is no different and has advanced Drupal theming significantly. Omega 4 is now squarely aimed at professional themers who want full control of the theme layer and offers some exciting features that improve the theming workflow.

Many of us in the office are avid listeners to the ModsUnraveled podcast presented by Brian Lewis. Our Drupal Director, Paul Johnson, suggested Omega 4 as a topic to Brian who was very keen to do an episode on Omega. Brian interviewed CTI Digital's developer Matt Smith along with Sebastian Siemsen who are the co-maintainers of Omega, live on the ModsUnraveled podcast.

The podcast provides a brief introduction to Omega 4 and it’s new features. We also highlight the differences from previous versions of the theme and explain why those changes have been made. Additionally, we discuss the road map for the future of Omega through to Drupal 8. If you are an Omega 3 user, have started looking into Omega 4 or are trying to choose a Drupal basetheme you should find this a helpful introduction.

Here at CTI Digital we believe contributing back to the community is important and especially a project we use as heavily as Omega. Earlier this year, we contributed design work for the official demonstration subtheme, Ohm. Which was then implemented and included in Omega as a reference of best practices for the documentation pages. We also contribute some of Matt Smith’s development time every week to maintain Omega and provide new features.

Learn more about Omega Theme on Drupal.org

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