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  • Umbraco 13 boost marketing roi with enhanced tools a marketers guide

As digital marketing continues to evolve, the tools and systems supporting your strategies must keep pace. Choosing a content management system (CMS) is pivotal to success for large enterprises managing significant budgets and complex operations.

Known for its adaptability and user-centric design, Umbraco 13 is engineered to meet the intricate needs of modern marketing teams.

In this guide, we'll explore the significant improvements and innovations that Umbraco 13 provides, and how it can help you boost marketing ROI with its enhanced tools and capabilities.

Key takeaways include:

  • - Advanced Marketing Tools: Sophisticated A/B testing, dynamic content personalisation, and integration with marketing automation tools. 

    - Enhanced Content Creation and Management: A refined content editor interface, making content creation and management smoother and more intuitive.

    - Improved User Experience: Enjoy a significantly enhanced user experience with Umbraco 13's streamlined dashboards, user-friendly interface, adaptive workspaces, and advanced customisation ability. 

  • Enhanced Marketing Tools

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  • Upgrading to Umbraco 13 brings a variety of advanced marketing tools that can significantly elevate your organisation's capabilities.

  • Improved Content Creation and Management

  • Creating engaging content is at the heart of any successful marketing strategy. Umbraco 13 offers a refined content editor interface designed to make content creation and management smoother and more intuitive. 

  • Key improvements include:

  • Visual Editor Enhancements: The visual editor in Umbraco 13 has been reimagined to be more interactive and user-friendly. Real-time previews allow your team to see exactly how content will appear to end-users, reducing the guesswork and enabling immediate adjustments. The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies arranging content elements, empowering non-technical users to build compelling pages effortlessly.

  • Component-Based Editing: The editor now supports creating complex pages through reusable content components. Each component, such as a hero image, text block, or call-to-action button, can be designed once and reused across multiple pages. This editing process ensures design consistency and significantly reduces the time and effort required to create new content.

  • Content Blocks: Umbraco 13 introduces content blocks, which are pre-designed, customisable units that you can reuse across different pages and sections of your site. Content blocks allow your team to maintain a cohesive design without starting from scratch every time. These blocks are ideal for ensuring brand consistency and speeding up content creation.

  • Dynamic Block Variation: Customise content blocks dynamically based on user interaction and context. For instance, you can have a tailored call-to-action block based on the user's previous behaviour on your site or their current location.

  • Content Scheduling: Advanced scheduling features enable precise content planning and automated publishing. Umbraco 13 extends this capability with approval workflows that ensure content passes through necessary checks before going live. The approval process is particularly useful for maintaining the quality and consistency of your communications.

  • Multistage Approvals: Create multi stage approval workflows where different team members can review and approve content at various stages, ensuring comprehensive quality control.

  • A/B Testing (through uMarketingSuite)

  • Data-driven decision-making is crucial for optimising marketing performance. Umbraco 13 has built-in A/B testing features, enabling you to experiment with different versions of your content and discover what works best:

  • Intuitive Test Setup: The setup process for A/B tests in Umbraco 13 is streamlined to be user-friendly. Without extensive technical knowledge, marketing teams can easily define variations, target audiences, and performance metrics.

  • Variant Creation and Management: Create multiple content variants directly within the CMS. Manage and organise these variants efficiently, ensuring each test is well-documented and easy to replicate or modify.

  • Segment-Specific Insights: Analyse A/B test results across different audience segments. Understand how variations affect demographics and customer profiles, enabling more refined and targeted content strategies.

  • Automated Winning Version Selection: Umbraco 13 includes features for automated determination and implementation of winning variants. Once the system identifies a superior-performing variation based on predefined criteria, it can automatically roll out the winning variant across relevant sections, ensuring continuous optimisation.

  • Personalisation

  • Delivering personalised experiences is no longer a luxury but a necessity for engaging today's consumers. Umbraco 13's advanced personalisation capabilities are designed to offer tailored experiences that resonate deeply with individual users.

  • Audience Segmentation: Using Umbraco 13, you can create and manage detailed audience segments based on demographics, behavioural data, past interactions, and more. This granular segmentation allows you to deliver highly specific content to different audience groups.

  • Dynamic Segmentation: Automatically update audience segments based on real-time behaviour and interaction data, ensuring your content is always relevant and timely.

  • Dynamic Content Delivery: Serve personalised content dynamically to different audience segments. For example, first-time visitors can be shown introductory content, while returning customers may see tailored recommendations based on their previous interactions or purchases.

  • Real-Time Personalisation Engine: A sophisticated engine that processes user data in real-time to deliver the most relevant content at the right moment, enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.

  • Behavioural Targeting: Analyse user behaviour to trigger personalised content. For instance, if a user has shown interest in a particular product category, the system can automatically present them with related products, offers, or content, improving the chances of conversion.

  • Event-Driven Personalisation: Use specific user actions (e.g., clicking on a particular link, spending a certain amount of time on a page) as triggers for tailored content delivery.

  • Marketing Automation

  • Streamlining your marketing workflows can significantly enhance your team's efficiency. Umbraco 13 integrates seamlessly with various marketing automation tools, providing a unified platform for managing your campaigns:

    Automated Workflows: Define automated workflows for various marketing tasks, such as email marketing, lead nurturing, and customer follow-up. Marketers can customise the workflows to suit specific campaign requirements, which can trigger various user behaviours and events.

    Complex Workflow Configuration: Build sophisticated multi-step workflows incorporating conditional logic, branching paths, and delays to create nuanced automated journeys.

    Integration with CRM and Marketing Tools: Umbraco 13's enhanced integration capabilities ensure your CMS works seamlessly with CRM systems, email marketing platforms and other essential marketing tools. This integration ensures data flows smoothly between systems, providing a cohesive and comprehensive view of your marketing efforts.

    Two-Way Sync: Ensure that data is consistently updated across all integrated tools, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimising the risk of errors.

    Improved User Experience (UX)

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    A smooth, intuitive user experience is critical for ensuring your marketing team can work efficiently and effectively. Umbraco 13 has made significant strides in enhancing the overall user experience, making it easier for teams to manage their digital assets and workflows. 


  • User-Friendly Interface (UI)

  • Redesigned UI: The redesigned user interface makes it easier for team members of all technical skill levels to navigate the CMS. Clear and straightforward design elements reduce the learning curve, allowing quicker onboarding and less troubleshooting time.

    Contextual Help: Built-in contextual help and tooltips provide immediate guidance on using various features. This is particularly helpful for new users, ensuring they can become proficient more rapidly.

    Adaptive Workspaces: Adaptive workspaces allow users to customise their working environment within the CMS. Whether you're a content creator, an editor, or a digital marketer, you can set up your workspace to match your specific workflow preferences.

    Dark Mode: In response to user feedback, Umbraco 13 offers a dark mode option to reduce eye strain and improve usability in lighting conditions.

  • Advanced Customisability

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  • One of Umbraco's core strengths is its ability to be customised. Umbraco 13 builds on this by offering even more ways to tailor the CMS to fit your organisation's unique needs better:

  • Flexible Content Models

  • Content Types and Templates: Umbraco 13 allows for the creation of flexible content models that can be customised to suit your organisational requirements. Develop bespoke content types and templates that align perfectly with your brand and marketing goals.

    Reusable Content Elements: Simplify content management by creating reusable content elements that can be incorporated into multiple templates. These elements ensure consistency in both design and messaging across all marketing materials.

    Structured Content: Support for structured content ensures that your site can deliver information in a well-organised manner. This is particularly useful for content-rich websites that need to present data in a coherent, accessible format.

    Schema Support: Implement schema markup to improve SEO and ensure search engines understand your content structure, driving better organic search performance.

  • Driving Superior Results and Efficiency

  • Upgrading to Umbraco 13 offers a significant opportunity to enhance your digital marketing strategy and ensure your organisation remains at the forefront of innovation.

  • The new version of the CMS equips your team with advanced marketing tools that streamline content creation, enable sophisticated A/B testing, and deliver personalised experiences. The improved user interface and customisable workspaces make daily operations more intuitive and productive. The platform's robust integration capabilities ensure seamless connectivity with your existing systems, enabling a unified marketing strategy.

    Opting for Umbraco 13 means choosing long-term support and stability. This enables you to plan and execute your marketing strategies confidently, knowing you have a secure and continually updated CMS. Preparing your team with the necessary training resources ensures they can fully leverage the platform's capabilities, driving superior results and efficiency.

    As an Umbraco Platinum Partner with extensive experience working with prestigious clients such as Mind, Mills & Reeve, STADA, and the University of Bedfordshire, CTI Digital is well-positioned to support your transition. Our proven track record ensures that you will receive the highest level of expertise and service during this critical upgrade.

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