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  • Volunteer spotlight 4 ways to give back with mark stapleton

I strongly feel it’s the duty of everyone to be mindful of what is happening in their communities and help if they are able to. Before and during lock down I’ve been getting involved in various projects to assist my community and would like to encourage you to help in small ways too.


1. Cook for neighbours

The easiest thing I can do to help is to cook for two of my elderly neighbours. I tend to cook on a pretty large scale and there are only two of us at home so it’s not really any skin off my nose to cook a little more.


2. Become an NHS responder

I’ve also registered to be an NHS responder but so far, I haven’t had to do anything - I guess with in excess of 750,000 volunteers I’d be lucky to get a call!


3. Volunteer in the business side of a charity

I'm also on the board of a local homeless and disadvantaged individuals charity called Back on Track. I've been doing what I can in my capacity as treasurer to provide reassurance and guidance on their finances.


4. Support your local food bank

Something that I’ve always been mindful of is what happens to those who struggle to feed themselves due to financial pressures. I’ve always chucked a few extra bits in my weekly shop for the food bank containers (strongly encourage everyone to do this - you needn’t spend a lot). 

At the start of lockdown, I contacted our local food bank in Salford and have been volunteering for them event since. I donate about 6 hours per week delivering food parcels to vulnerable individuals.

Delivering parcels of basic foodstuffs and other essential every day items really brings home how generally, we live privileged lifestyles and the weekly shop isn’t something we have to worry over unduly. When you come into contact with people who struggle to put food on the table, it really reinforces how lucky we are and it’s something we all ought to remind ourselves of.


Every little helps

If you can, try and do something to help others (at a safe distance and without putting yourselves at risk). I’d like to encourage this behaviour in everyone, even the very smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference to someone. 

If you’d like to donate cash to a worthwhile cause, then I recommend supporting your local food banks which are facing massive challenges at the moment or even visit: Salford Food Bank and donate online.


mark-volunteeringDelivering for the local food bank & recently registered NHS volunteer


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