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Creativity, strategy and technology are the pillars of an organisation's growth in 2021. 

Since 2003 we’ve had the tech. In the 2010s we dabbled in the creative. And the strategy was sparked in 2015 before exploding with the arrival of Stardotstar in 2020.

The creativity and the brand are the heart of an organisation, from councils to wildlife to shoes, the brand captures the eye of the user and differentiates the leaders from the followers.

To get to a place where we were truly full-service, we needed to drive our performance with branding, and our purpose with off-the-wall ideas.

Then we heard a buzz. (We actually heard the buzz a few years ago, but that’s another story.)

What’s a build without the brand? Strengthening the group with Mosquito.

Mosquito's bold and creative approaches can be a bit infectious. Here’s your Mosquito primer in 60 seconds or less:

Mosquito is a digital brand development agency which combines digital user experiences and engagement with brand building and performance marketing know-how. 

This combination of skills and experience has enabled them to win over 50 awards in the last 5 years, including ‘Digital Agency of the Year 2020’, and best ‘Social Storytelling’.

Key clients include: Zoflora, Diabetes UK, Horlicks, and Savlon.

Mosquito joined the cti group, independently owned by cti holdings, in January 2021, completing our full-service family.

With consumer and customer behaviour continually evolving in the digital space, brands and business are now demanding both sides of the coin from an agency - from deep technical strategy and technical implementation to the experiential touch points a customer now expects from a brand. It was evident to choose the right group that delivered the same vision and ambition to allow our customers to thrive and grow. 

The move to the CTI group has been a carefully considered strategic decision for the agency. With our insights to behaviourally and contextually connect business with consumers and customers, Nick and I both felt by joining together we were able to complete the full picture of every touchpoint a future-focused business demands. Equipping so many independent agencies at the top of their game means we are able to deliver a service offer like no other.

Anthony Diver, Executive Creative Director and Mosquito MD.


Building an agency that adapts. Actually adapts.

Sustainability, scalability, and flexibility all work in harmony across the group to bring our clients specialist thinking with large-scale reliability.

By bringing agencies together, we introduce new perspectives and experiences from completely different backgrounds and industries. And those challenging points of view help us to identify the opportunities that others miss.

What are we striving for?

On a business level, we’re aiming to grow by 30% over the next 2 years.

On an industry level, we’re not looking to ‘change’ or ‘disrupt’ anything. The landscape is shaped by the consumer and the pace of technological evolution. We’re building a way to deliver solutions that balance experimentation and data-led strategy for campaigns that deliver the results.

Individually, we are thinkers, planners and doers. Together we are the creators of extraordinary digital experiences.

As brands require more agility in their digital strategy, they are turning to the energy and flexibility available at boutique and specialist agencies. But then they get stuck managing multiple accounts with different approaches. With the group, we are offering something rare; specialist creative and technical studios, interconnected by strategy lead account management.

Having Mosquito onboard adds a new creative dimension to the group. Their performance marketing and brand building skill sets will give our clients an edge and able us to build brands reputation and following in addition to their technical capabilities.”

Nick Rhind, CEO.


What is the group doing next?

We’re a bit international. We’re a bit strategic. We’re a bit of a fantastic brew maker. Next, we’re solidifying what we are as a whole. We let our specialist brands be complete in their expertise; and we connect them with quality, personality-led strategy.


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