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Don't worry, it's not that sort of converting.

We're always banging the drum about the value of long term strategy and planning. Part of building a brilliant roadmap is continual testing and improvement. It's something we love, and integrate heavily into our digital transformation projects.

But when we've been asked to conduct CRO at a more granular level, it's something we've never quite given our gold stamp of approval.

So we had two options:

  1. Invest, test, and reinvent our CRO services over time.
  2. Go straight to the best, and ask them if they'd like to come aboard. 

I think you can guess what we did next.


A long history of Worship.

Featured on Prolific North, Manchester Digital.

Gez, founder of Stardotstar, and Nick Rhind, CEO across the cti group met Nina Mack, MD at Worship, back in 2007 when the three worked at neighbouring companies. 

It was a relatively short hop to realise what Nina was doing at Worship would scale wonderfully here at CTI and help Stardotstar improve its ongoing work through CRO. So, with my Cilla Black hat on, I introduced the idea of a potential deal to Nick and Nina, and they’ve agreed a deal quickly from there. Worship is going to amplify the great work they’ve been doing here with us, to make great work even better. ”

Gez O’Brien, Founder of Stardotstar


Worship was founded in 2009, initially delivering digital build projects with a heavy focus on UX and building websites designed to be usable and persuasive. The agency started to specialise in CRO at the end of 2014, finding success in the ecommerce and financial services markets and working with clients such as Aldermore Bank, Henchman, Sous Chef, Corgi HomePlan and Point-A Hotels.

The agency has won various accolades over the past 5 years including a PRCA Digital Award for Best Use of Measurement and the CRO award at the Northern Dev Awards in 2020.

The Worship team has developed a unique methodology over the last 6 years which delivers outstanding results for clients and enables them to help organisations in healthcare, financial services and ecommerce grow their online sales.

“I’ve always followed CTI digital and Stardotstar’s work and been impressed by their output and approach. It felt natural joining the CTI group as our skills and services perfectly complement the rest of the group. We’re excited about bringing our unique CRO methodology and results to CTI's clients as well as having access to clients earlier in the digital strategy planning process so we can weave CRO into digital roadmaps to further enhance our results.”

Nina Mack, MD of Worship


Worship began acquisition talks with cti digital early in 2021, completing the deal and joining the group on 1st March 2021.

Culture fit is very important to the sustainability of our acquisitions. I look for agencies that bring new elements to the group such as skills and services. But culture is something that can’t be assimilated as quickly. Nina and her team’s approach is ambitious, measured and quality-driven in the same way as ours. This is part of what made us do the deal so quickly. They fit in perfectly with our UX and strategy team, and a bolstered CRO offering will be welcomed warmly throughout the strategy and digital marketing.”

Nick Rhind. CEO


Looking for Conversion Rate Optimisation by an agency that can balance your technical and user needs? Get in touch, or head over to Worship.

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