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  • Cti become the first uk platform.sh diamond agency program partner

Currently, the CTI Group proudly stands as the only agency network within the UK accredited with the prestigious Diamond partner status with Platform.sh. This exclusive recognition places us among the select few global agencies designated as Diamond-tier partners by Platform.sh worldwide.

cti digital Platform.sh diamond partner

Platform.sh is a leading, cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider, and the CTI Group has a proven track record for esteemed organisations such as The British Council and Al Rayan Bank in providing Enterprise DevOps and Infrastructure support using Platform.sh. Our newly enhanced partnership enables us to work even more closely with the Platform.sh team to provide a leading PaaS solution combined with the trusted DevOps and Infrastructure support CTI provides to enterprise development teams.

Platform.sh offers a wide range of benefits to enterprise development teams, making it an ideal choice for modernising and optimising their development processes. Born out of the necessity to simplify and optimise the intricate processes of building, launching, and maintaining web applications, Platform.sh effectively mitigates issues of compatibility, scalability, and collaborative development. Its inception dates back to 2015, and over the years, it has evolved into a trusted solution for organisations seeking streamlined development and deployment workflows. 

Through its innovative, container-based architecture and Git-driven methodologies, Platform.sh ensures consistent and reliable deployments across diverse environments, reducing the risk of discrepancies between development stages. The CTI Group has partnered with Platform.sh since 2016 further strengthening our partnership, providing leading infrastructure and DevOps support for this leading PaaS. Our team's expertise is consistently refreshed through a structured annual training programme provided by Platform.sh, ensuring our clients receive the utmost value from their Platform.sh subscription, benefiting from cutting-edge knowledge and the latest insights. 

CTI Growth and Partnerships Director, Kirstie Buchanan, said: “We are delighted to be recognised in this elite, diamond partnership tier. Our collaboration with Platform.sh allows us to deliver flexible experiences and a variety of digital solutions to our clients who use different technologies or want more compatibility. Platform.sh supports many common programming languages and frameworks including Drupal, Symfony, React, PHP, amongst others, enabling us to offer diversified solution options to our clients.”

CTI Director of Hosting, Tom Ashworth, said: “We are thrilled to be awarded Diamond partner status and look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with Platform.sh as a leading PaaS provider. Platform.sh is an excellent solution for hosting large open-source-based systems whilst also providing clients with robust development and deployment workflows which can be provided at any scale.“

Platform.sh Senior Director of Partnerships, Chantal Pastorek, said: “Our long-term partnership with the CTI Group has just reached a new level, and we’re excited about collaborating even more closely moving forward. As we head toward 2024 and beyond, we trust the CTI Group’s expert teams will continue to leverage Platform.sh infrastructure and tools to efficiently develop and deliver unique, flexible solutions that meet client challenges, day in and day out.”

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