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At CTI, we are dedicated to constantly improving our services. As part of our hosting and support service with nublue, we underpin our own hosting with Amazon Web Services. We also use AWS as a direct resource for clients. The latest achievement for our continual improvement scheme has seen our Systems Administrator (and resident AWS expert) Mark Wilkinson become AWS Certified!



What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is a secure cloud-based platform providing hosting, data storage, content delivery and more. Cloud servers make it easy for businesses to grow in a flexible way, and ensures AWS services are always reliable and accessible.


What does being AWS Certified mean for CTI?

Being certified means that we can continue to provide a reliable, efficient, and transparent service for our clients. Over the past 6 years, we’ve been fine-tuning our use of cloud-based hosting services. This official recognition is the next step in this journey and ensures our knowledge of AWS is always up-to-date, as we can access the latest updates and releases from Amazon.

This is not the end of a long road to something I've been trying to achieve for the last 6 years, but the first step to the next one. Thanks, CTI for encouraging me to achieve this.

Mark Wilkinson, our newly AWS-certified Systems Administrator


What does being AWS Certified mean for our clients?

While many agencies use AWS, not all of them provide a quality service guarantee. Being AWS certified gives our clients peace of mind that they are receiving an outstanding hosting experience, featuring the best tools available at a price that fits.

It’s also great for our clients’ customers. Working with an agency that’s AWS certified means our clients can assure their customers their data is always safe and secure. It also ensures any of our clients’ services will be available with great performance speeds 24/7, even in times of high traffic and demand.


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