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We’re flying over to Amsterdam for Drupalcon ‘Dam 2019 next week! 

Stretching from the 28th to Thursday 31st October, the Drupal Conference will feature the latest thought leadership from experts around the world. 

This year's tracks fall into the following categories:

  • Business and Marketing
  • DevOps and Infrastructure
  • Drupal Backend
  • Drupal Frontend
  • Drupal Community and Being Human
  • PLUS Industry specific and Birds of a Feather sessions

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What are we doing at DrupalCon?

Apart from catching up with the community and taking part in a few workshops we’ve got two tracks this year.


Phil Wolstenholme

Phil Wolstenholme

11:30 to 12:10
In the Auditorium

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Progressive decoupling in action: using Vue.js to add rich application-like functionality to the course pages of a UK Higher Education institution's Drupal 8 site

Phil’s session will introduce participants to progressive decoupling and Vue.js (with demos!) and then talk why these two approaches work so well together. He’ll explore his experience using Vue on the course pages of a UK Higher Education institutions course page, revealing what progressive decoupling is like in practice and covering some tips, tricks, and gotchas for using Vue with Drupal.



Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

15:25 to 15:45
In G 102

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How to start contributing to Drupal without Code

Paul will be championing non-code contributions to Drupal. Covering everything from the essential to the absurd, Paul will reveal the best ways to contribute to Drupal without a line of code. 



Want to meet up with Paul or Phil, or interested in working at CTI Digital? Get in touch on our contact page.

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