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We recently took part in this year’s instalment of the annual 24-hour coding competition, Hack Manchester. The event sees teams of up to four turn up with an idea and given just 24 hours to develop a working idea, presenting it at the end.

The idea is based around various challenges presented by the event’s sponsors but can be anything the creators wish. 24 hours of hacking may seem unbearable but free food; beer and massages were included to keep the teams going throughout the event. What more could you ask for?

Three of our very own developers decided to enter this year. They went for the Barclays charity challenge to create an original, fun and inclusive hack that helps ensure people pay and be the vehicle for the next big viral charity challenge. Step aside ice bucket challenge.


CTI’s Jason Brown, Jim Darlington and Suresh all set out to create their idea, Hoboo. Hoboo’s aim is to create funding for users to donate money towards support packages for the homeless and individuals in need. The app asks the user to challenge friends to sacrifice one of their luxuries such as coffee or a drink at the weekend to raise funds for the supplies. These packages provide daily essentials to those in need for keeping clean and sanitary as well as information that may help them find shelter.

To read more about the app and the development process have a look at Jason’s blog.

So close, yet so far

After 24 hours of developing, the team came third, which is a phenomenal achievement! Despite not winning the competition, a major charity has taken interest in the app and everyone here at CTI is keen to get involved with the project. So this may not be the last you hear of Hoboo…

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