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You’ve got a newsletter sign up easily visible on your homepage and ready to go.

You have some potential customers visiting your site and subscribing to receive marketing communications...

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What next?

It’s time to set up an email automation workflow to welcome your new subscribers to your brand.

So get your subject lines at the ready and tuck into our email welcome series tips below.


“Sending a series of welcome emails yields an average of 51% more revenue than a single welcome email.” - Mailchimp


Where to start with new subscribers

You want to create a series of three or four emails. These will target the new subscriber with relevant content at different stages of their journey. Each email should have a specific goal for each stage of the subscriber’s journey. For example:

Email 1 - Give them a warm welcome to your brand.
Email 2 - Show what sets you apart from your competition.
Email 3 - Send them useful and relevant content that supports your offering.
Email 4 - Offer an incentive to make their first purchase.

As your subscribers go through their journey, you’ll also need to decide if you want them to avoid receiving any other emails until they have completed this series.


Email 1 - A warm welcome

Your first email should welcome the new subscriber to your brand. This is your chance to tell new subscribers a little about yourself. Start off with a brief introduction to your brand and a little history behind the business. It’s also your opportunity to let them know what to expect from your email programme.

How to create the perfect email welcome seriesFirst contact from Airbnb


Email 2 - Useful content

Give your new subscribers something to digest whilst they’re learning about your business. If you’re an ecommerce store selling DIY products, show them videos or articles around how to improve your home. If you’re a nonprofit, show them about your work and your community.

How to create the perfect email welcome seriesRemoving the styling of a CTA to prioritise useful content and advice


Email 3 - Reinforce your USPs

What makes you stand out from your competitors? Now’s the perfect time to tell your new subscribers all about it. Shout about your free delivery and returns or how you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint as a business. Alternatively, if you have exclusive perks for donors/members let them know.

How to create the perfect email welcome series

USPs from a mindfulness app


Email 4 - Cut to the chase

Now it’s time to get your new subscriber over the line and become a customer. If you’re an ecommerce business, this is where you can offer an incentive to make a purchase. Whether that be a small discount code or a free delivery offer. A discount code with an expiry of say 7 days can work really well here because the subscriber won’t be expecting it and push them to make that first purchase.

If you’re not an ecommerce business, think about what your end goal is. Do you want your subscribers to make an enquiry or give you a telephone call? Here is where you’ll push them to do so.

How to create the perfect email welcome series

An offer to entice a first-time purchaser.


Looking for an email marketing tool to run all of this for you?

We’ve just launched our own email marketing platform to help you get started. Features include a simple-to-use drag and drop template editor, easy data segmentation, and automation workflow management.


Template Editor

Creating an email campaign is as simple as dragging and dropping components using our sophisticated editor. It’s 100% responsive and provides a high level of flexibility for your campaigns, making them look professional instantly.

How to create the perfect email welcome series


Data Segmentation

Your customer data can be segmented based on any of the following:

  • Existing data in your list 
  • Campaign activity i.e. campaign open/not opened and click points
  • Automation journeys

This creates tailored segments of your data to send targeted campaigns. For example, a targeted campaign could be sent to customers who opened an email and clicked on a particular product.

How to create the perfect email welcome series


Marketing Automation

Create the email welcome series we’ve just discussed easily using workflows to get your campaign up and running. Just click on each component, add in your email campaigns and decide when you’d like each to be set out. Here is where you’ll exclude your new subscribers from being added to your newsletter list before they’ve completed their journey.

How to create the perfect email welcome series


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