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In late 2021, after a rigorous and lengthy process, we achieved the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard for Information Security Management, ensuring that our data and the customer data of the brands and industries we work with, maintain an even higher level of safety and security moving forward.

We often hear the term data security being thrown around, but do we really know what this means? Or how this affects us as individuals? Or what the implications of a data or information breach could mean for customers and in turn, companies who hold this?

Well, these are the exact type of questions that the ISO 270001 standard sets out to answer and why CTI Digital sought out the certification. Our aim is to ensure all of our clients continue to have the best information and data security, with policies in place to protect user data.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a process-based approach to initiating, implementing, operating, and maintaining CTI Digital’s Information Security Management System (ISMS), all whilst complying with Confidentiality, integrity, and availability mandatory security requirements as set out by the certification. It’s a comprehensive standard that covers processes, technology, and physical security, which has resulted incredible improvements to our data security and that of our clients alike. It also ensures CTI Digital is working to the highest security standard possible, as well as further increasing our offering to our clients whilst simultaneously adhering to the latest compliance laws and regulations.

In simple terms, this comprehensive standard is a framework for data security best practice, which seeks to effectively manage information security risks and controls within an organisation, reducing the chances of a cyber attack or a data breach, which could have catastrophic consequences.

The ISO certification underlines that our company is fully equipped to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of its information assets, and the data assets of our clients.

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What are the benefits of the ISO 27001 certification?

The benefit of the ISO certification for CTI Digital is that we moved from best practices to formalising the process. Previously we had worked to the standard, and now we are part of the standard. This is beneficial as it cements our position on information security and how seriously we take it.

Strict measures and criteria are set out to protect data from its entry, and exit, into our business. This is also beneficial as it defines data and creates a path for how said data should be handled, as often some companies aren’t even aware that the data they hold could potentially be very sensitive.

Another benefit of the certification is that it creates accountability. We have client databases with sensitive information, which means as an agency we need to handle their database correctly by encrypting data and setting controls in place, ensuring that access is limited and an audit trail exists. In turn, this creates accountability and minimises the mistreatment of data, protecting all involved.

This certification is also ongoing and continuous, it’s not just a process of achieving it and moving on. There is an annual audit of the ISMS, and the certification demands that data security goals and objectives are defined every year for our agency. This in turn creates even more accountability, as we have to maintain this certification and continuously improve our processes.


What does this mean for CTI Digital and our clients?

We already know that any prospective client and existing clients will have due diligence processes with regards to how sensitive data is handled within our agency, this certification means we have already thought about these processes and are a step ahead. If there are any questions on how data and information should be handled, ISO helps to answer these. This also means that clients can rely on us at all times and that there is always a plan for any eventuality, ensuring all reputations are managed.

Clients can rest easy knowing that their data is in safe hands, especially as all staff members have been trained on the policies adopted and implemented for the certification, and as a team, we are all in compliance when it comes to handling sensitive data.

Our priority is working towards the highest security standard possible for our clients, and achieving the globally recognised ISO 27001 standard is a testament to this. Furthermore, this allows us to once again deliver optimal solutions and better assurances about the way in which we manage confidential and sensitive data, enhancing our reputation.

As data and information security continue to rapidly change, CTI Digital places importance on the means to apply better defences to our client’s processes and tech to protect data security and achieving the ISO 27001 standard confirms that our services meet the international benchmarks in security and quality for our clients.

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