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Today is National Read a Book Day! As Joseph Addison said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”. 

Reading is done for pleasure by many; however, it can also be a powerful tool for expanding our knowledge and improving our skills. 

To celebrate National Read a Book Day, we’ve asked those here at CTI to share the books they have read that have inspired or helped them advance in their respective areas, with the hope that these suggestions will help spark your interest or help you continue to grow your knowledge in your desired area.  

National Read a Book Day 2023


Book suggestions if you’re interested in QA 

National read a book day 2023 - QA Recommendations

Book: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien's 

Book:  American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

Book: Dune by Frank Herbert 

What a member of our team had to say about these books: 

I’ve come from a teaching background previous to landing a junior QA role here. However, reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho & Frank Herbert’s Dune developed my curiosity, imagination, vocabulary & appreciation of attention to detail- elements I feel are extremely complimentary within the world of QA! 


Book suggestions if you’re interested in UX, Strategy and Sales

National Read a book day 2023 - UX, strategy & sales recommendations

Book: Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed

What a member of our team had to say about this book: 

This book is genuinely one of the best books I’ve read in 2017. So much so that I gifted at least five copies to friends. It conveys deep insights into marginal gains, system design, and what innovation is and isn’t.

It also touches on the creative act of taking a step back, seeing the bigger picture, and drawing together disparate ideas to make connections that can cause more significant differences.

James Dyson: “If insight is about the big picture, development is about the small picture. The trick is to sustain both perspectives at the same time.”

“It’s about the willingness and tenacity to investigate the lessons that often exist when we fail but which we rarely exploit. It is about creating systems and cultures that enable organisations to learn from errors, rather than being threatened by them.” 


Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

What a member of our team had to say about this book: 

Carnegie’s book teaches us the art of building genuine relationships, mastering effective communication, and understanding the intricacies of human psychology. It’s a guide to becoming a more persuasive and influential salesperson. Through practical advice and real-life examples, the book demonstrates how to connect with people on a deeper level, win their trust, and ultimately achieve greater success in sales. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to excel in the world of selling or understanding the psychology of influencing.


A book suggestion if you’re interested in Marketing and Support

National read a book day 2023 - marketing & support recommendations

Book: This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See by Seth Godin

What a member of our team had to say about this book: 

“This Is Marketing” by Seth Godin is a must-read for marketers at all experience levels.

Godin delves into his unique marketing philosophy, offering valuable insights, practical advice, how-to guides, and inspiring stories. If you’re eager to acquire essential marketing skills from a seasoned expert, this book is an invaluable resource.


A book suggestion if you’re interested in Support

Book: Management of Information Security by Whitman & Mattord

What a member of our team had to say about this book: 

In a deeply geeky way, my current reading has included ‘Management of Information Security’ by Whitman & Mattord.

It has helped me understand the wider security implications around the data we hold, incident response and legal implications of data breaches. 


Book suggestions if you’re interested in Branding

National read a book day 2023 - branding recommendations

Book: Building a Story Brand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

What a member of our team had to say about this book: 

This book offers valuable insights for marketers and brand creatives alike, with a particular focus on content marketing.

Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework provides marketers and creatives with a powerful tool for engaging consumers through storytelling, emphasising seven essential elements that every brand should incorporate into its messaging.

By implementing Miller’s approach, you can transform how you communicate your brand, leading to a shift in how your audience perceives and connects with you.


Book: Stand for Something by Brian Burkhart

Stand for Something by Brian Burkhart details the importance of understanding core beliefs, both your own and your businesses. Using real-world examples, Burkhart helps readers identify their core beliefs and begin acting on them so their business does not become another forgettable brand. 

What a member of our team had to say about this book: 

Although it’s been a while since I last read the book, some parts have stuck with me, such as changing my mindset from the “what” you do to the “why” you do it. This has helped me think before acting to ensure what I do has a purpose. 


Why not use today to finally pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read or use our suggestions to advance your knowledge? Or maybe get started exploring an entirely new topic that’s caught your interest. 

Books can inspire us, increase our vocabulary and spark our creativity. For these reasons, books play a vital role in our professional career growth.

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