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Since 2003, we've built and supported amazing web experiences and in 2020 we continue to do so. Thanks to our heritage and certified Magento developers, we can provide your business with the same robust support we supply to companies including McGraw Hill Education and Little Greene.

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When Magento 1 reaches end-of-life, we want you to make the right decision for your Magento platform. As such, we're offering a quick turn around on Magento 1 support while you decide your next move.

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CTI provided a professional service from initial contact to the launch of our Magento 2 Website. It was clear from the beginning that CTI have established and perfected the process of re-platforming e-commerce websites from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Lawrence Evans, Director, Christmas Tree World


Your M1 store after June 2020

Your store will continue to operate as usual, but it will require support as external software and hardware are no longer maintained.

Our certified developers will support your Magento 1 website through:

  • Security
  • Data
  • Performance
  • Payment Gateways
  • Integrations
  • Continued innovation

This support time will allow you to decide whether you will migrate to Magento 2 or an alternative platform.

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When will Magento 1 support end?

Magento 1 reaches end-of-life at the end of June 2020. Magento originally released the news on the 6th of September 2018. Over the last two years, Magento has staggered support for M1, stopping quality fixes for versions 1.9-1.12 first. All versions of Magento 1.x will stop receiving support from the end of June 2020.

'End of Life' means Magento will no longer upgrade or manage the platform's security, integrations or features. In essence, if something breaks, it will stay broken.

  • Magento will release no quality fixes or security patches
  • June will see the end of any innovation or new features in Magento 1

Magento won't be contributing to Magento 1. It will be down to M1 Open Source Community to maintain it, but that effort will mostly go towards Adobe Commerce (previously Magento 2).

If you're not sure about continuing your journey with Adobe Commerce (previously Magento 2), or you're just curious about your options, we can help.

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