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Our Manchester headquarters houses the infamous blue pool table. Much fought over, there’s always a game going on; whether it’s a rainy lunchtime, Friday social, or just during a creative break. All these games are played in preparation, building up to something major: the annual CTI Pool Tournament!

This year’s turnout saw developers, designers and marketers battle it out. Two groups, 20 matches and an elaborate online scoring tool led to a well-contested semi-final. Raising the competitive stakes, the top spots were filled by individuals from the Magento, Drupal and Technical Support departments.

Like any grand slam, the final showdown required the two finalists to go head-to-head in the best of five games. This year it was between husband and wife rivals, on their anniversary! Some excellent skilled shots saw our Technical Director, Rick Steckles, triumph.


 I had a lot of luck, that's my only explanation. 

Rick Steckles


We had a ‘friendlies’ pool table open too. This gave those of us who were not blessed with pool-table-talent the opportunity to take part, or to keep playing after being knocked-out. A winner-takes-all game of ‘Killer’ also brought everyone together to wrap up a successful evening.

The pool tournament plays a notable role in the CTI social calendar. Open to all, several former employees even returned for the well-hyped event. Events like this celebrate the integrated atmosphere at CTI. I relish these opportunities to mingle with other departments beyond our areas of career expertise; and it was clear the developers and creatives all agree. Nurturing a well-connected team allows us to work more effectively together, whilst also making work more enjoyable.  


The Pool Champion: Rick StecklesThe Champion: Rick Steckles

Huge thanks to everyone who took part and particularly to Hasan and Suresh for arranging the fun. Congratulations to Rick, whose name is now immortalised on the coveted trophy. I have one year to practise my cue skills, in the hope of winning at least one game next year!

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