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  • Creating a stable future for kidscans childhood cancer research

There will be a predicted shortfall of £310 million in medical research funding over the next year due to diverted spending during the coronavirus pandemic. With just 3.5% of the £310 million in research spending dedicated to childhood cancer, charities like Kidscan must rely heavily on their own fundraising to complete their life-changing research.

Creating a stable future for Kidscan's childhood cancer research

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To create a more stable and predictable future, we will be working with the childhood cancer charity to manage their advertising strategy and the delivery of both grant funding and the charities advertising marketing budget.

37% of Kidscans’ funding currently comes from digital channels.

We will be collaboratively managing digital advertising campaigns for Kidscan to raise awareness of the issues surrounding childhood cancer and the research being undertaken. Campaigns will also encourage the public to fundraise, make a donation, and to register as volunteers.

Creating a stable future for Kidscan's childhood cancer research

Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research is a Salford-based charity that funds and manages research into new and improved treatments for children with cancer. The research-based charity is one of the only charities in the UK solely dedicated to combating children's cancer. Kidscan “want to ensure every child diagnosed with cancer can survive and thrive throughout adulthood without suffering late-effects from the treatments used to save their lives.”

Not only is working with such a life-impacting charity a great boost for the team, we're also delighted to be helping an organisation based in Salford, the same city (or town depending who you ask) our CEO, Nick Rhind attended and was given a grant by to start CTI Digital! Previously we have delivered digital advertising for charities WarChild UK and The Royal College of Occupational Therapists. As such the project aligns with both our culture and our strengths. 

Creating a stable future for Kidscan's childhood cancer research


Kirsty Leigh, Head of Operations & Marketing at Kidscan commented: “June and James at CTI Digital have already been great assets, helping us to understand the new approaches we can take with our advertising. The charity sector is extremely saturated and because of limited funding during COVID, online donations have become more essential, but also more difficult to generate, than ever before.” 

"Sharing our message and research gives hope to children around the country so it’s very much a team effort in what we do. Because of this, I’m pleased about the way CTI has already become an extension of our marketing team and transformed our digital reach.”


James Wilkinson, Marketing Director, at CTI Digital commented: “Kidscan is a Manchester-based charity that transforms the lives of thousands of children. It’s a project that has quickly become close to the hearts of everyone at CTI."

"We’re approaching their advertising with creativity and empathy, understanding not only the charities mission but also how and why the public would want to support organisations like Kidscan, and how we can tap into those emotive drivers to amplify Kidscan’s mission” James continued.


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