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When our client Pernod Ricard asked us to re-build the Piña Colada Day website, we were all pretty excited here at CTI. With less than week to go (at the time of writing this blog) until Piña Colada day we can almost taste the Malibu!

CTI Digital re-developed the web app using Symfony 3, a PHP framework with a mobile first approach, as 83% of visits were from mobile in 2016 we scoped out during workshops and wireframes that the mobile UX journey needed to be seamless. 

So when you are at the bar quickly trying to register for your voucher whilst in the queue you have several features to thank: 

  • Geo coding service to convert postcodes into geo code data to load local bars via Google maps. 
  • HTML 5 geo location for mobile users to "locate me" to find the nearest participating bar
  • Facebook integration to allow users to quickly register saving you having to type your email address
  • Google ReCAPTCHA to limit spam submissions and non-humans
  • Complex server set up to ensure that the server scales and takes the increased load during the Piña Colada Days
  • Back end User Interface so the client can easily manage participating bars and to access reports.

Enough about the website, How can you get your free Piña Colada? See you at the bar!

When is National Piña Colada Day?

National Piña Colada Day isn't just one day ... it's an entire weekend!

Starting Friday 7th July - Monday 10th July 2017,

How it works

  1. Go to https://www.pinacoladaday.co.uk 
  2. Complete the simple registration details
  3. Find your local participating bar from hundreds in England and Wales
  4. When Piña Colada day starts (Fri 7th July) you can log back into https://www.pinacoladaday.co.uk where you will hand your device to a member of bar staff at one of the participating bars who will enter in the unique bar code to validate your free drink
  5. Enjoy your free Piña Colada! Courtesy of Malibu - don't forget to share your pictures with the hashtag #Pinacoladaday on social media

Pina Colada Day Website.png


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