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Drupal Developers Matt Smith, Mark Jones and Mike Bell travelled to Leeds, this weekend, to speak at the DrupalCamp Yorkshire event. The Drupal sessions took place over 3 days, from the 31st of May to the 1st of June and included other talks from Drupal users and developers.

Mike Bell spoke about migrations in Drupal 8, Matt Smith discussed the Drupal 8 plugin API and Mark Jones presented how to structure your Drupal 7 modules. The guys have taken some time out to give a brief overview of their talks for those of you who didn’t manage to get to Leeds.

Mike Bell - Migrations in Drupal 8.

My talk covered the history of Migrate in Drupal Core and included a practical example of migrating Drupal 6 users to Drupal 8.

Mark Jones – How to structure your Drupal 7 modules.

My talk was part of the Drupal for Newcomers track, aimed at developers who had little or no experience of Drupal development. The talk covered the different types of file that you would find in a contributed Drupal module, downloaded from http://drupal.org/project/project_module, such as .info, .module, .install files. I then covered what the purpose of each file was, what code you might find in them and why the developer might have structured their code that way. Finally, I explained how each of the files and module structures were implemented, so that developers could learn when and how to use the same structures in their own custom modules.

Matt Smith – Drupal 8 plugin API.

My talk was selected as part of the Drupal 8 track and covered one of the key new APIs in Drupal 8 - the plugin API. The talk discussed some of the generic elements of a plugin system and went on to show how this applied to Drupal 8 itself. The talk covers the basics of implementing a plugin of an existing type, with examples of creating blocks and local tasks before going into some more advanced topics such as plugin derivatives and defining your own plugin type.

And if you like the interactive experience, you can watch Mark Jones’s and Matt Smith’s presentations here on the DrupalCamp Yorkshire Youtube channel.

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