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Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

As a company director, Paul is responsible for leading our strategy in relation to culture and people. This work has strongly contributed to our enviable staff retention levels. His pragmatic approach, combined with a development career spanning two decades, is a valuable asset to clients approaching challenging and large scale digital projects. These include SONY Pictures Entertainment, King's College London, Travelodge, Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Recent Posts by Paul Johnson

How do you start contributing to Drupal without code?

Drupal Planet Drupal Event Community

Outlets for contributing to Drupal beyond code, whilst abundant, are not always evident to those having interest to do so. I want to help people become better acquainted with ways to get involved and how to start their contribution journey. Be they completely new to Drupal or simply yet to find an outlet.

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Marketing Drupal to Customers: a Drupal Europe Initiative. Call for Contributors!

Drupal Drupal Planet OpenSource Community

Whilst at Drupal Europe last month, I was privileged to be invited by Drupal’s founder, Dries Buytaert, to a round table discussion, aimed at further marketing the Drupal project.

Bringing together a number of leaders from the Drupal community, we all shared the same desire to boost the marketable assets of the open source platform. One of the ways we hope to achieve this publicity is by creating a comprehensive, customer-facing "Pitch Deck".

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Distributed Drupal Sprints UK

Drupal OpenSource Community

This weekend we hosted members of NWDUG who held the UK’s first ever distributed Drupal Sprint, together with the London Drupal community.

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Drupal 8.6.0 Release Details

drupal 8 Drupal CMS Websites Update Release

Today the release of Drupal 8.6.0 was announced by the Drupal AssociationThis release is set to be one of the biggest updates in the history of Drupal, signalling a shift towards a more comprehensive, marketing-centred stack. See the full statement at the end of this post.

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Drupal Europe 2018 - show your support and buy tickets now!

Drupal Planet Drupal Event

Drupal Europe promises to be the most significant community lead conference in the history of Drupal on the continent. Redefining and reinvigorating what a major Drupal conference means to the community, business users and agency leaders Drupal Europe promises to be an exciting and rewarding experience.

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How Drupal helps WarChild to save lives

Drupal Planet Drupal OpenSource drupal 8 CMS Websites Web Development

During the CXO day at Drupalcamp London, Dave O’Carroll the Head of Digital at War Child delivered a compelling speech on how Drupal has aided their mission in supporting the future and well-being of children living in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones.

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The Public Sector and Open Source Technology

OpenSource Web Development Drupal

The rate of innovation in digital seems ever growing in pace. In the past 5 years alone we’ve seen Uber, Deliveroo, Amazon Prime, and click and collect become ubiquitous across our cities. Introducing frictionless payment and rapid access to goods and services, these disruptive startups and technologies continue to raise consumer expectations.

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NWDUG Unconference 2017

Drupal Drupal Planet OpenSource Web Design

I always look forward to unconferences. It’s their unpredictability and element of surprise that I enjoy, you never quite know what the day will bring. I love the edgy feel, the lower barrier to entry, and that it’s OK to fluff your words or try something new. Sensing the nerves of the ones who unexpectedly present for the first time, witnessing how energising their experience is, discovering a topic or theme for the first time, or taking the mic because you feel inspired by others are all reasons I’m drawn to attend and why CTI Digital was proud to be one of the sponsors.

The North West Drupal User Group Unconference last weekend was no exception in terms of inclusivity and our Drupal team were there in force.

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CTI Digital integrate key microsites with City Hall’s main website

Drupal London.gov.uk GDS

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Happy 5th Birthday DrupalCamp London

One of the biggest benefits Open Source Software comes from collaboration. In Drupal we foster collaboration and it transcends every discipline from coding, design, user experience to community affairs and even business. This open collaboration helps us achieve far greater impact than working in isolation.

David Munn, Head of Information Technology at Greater London Authority, articulated so well from his organisation’s perspective why so collaboration has value.

Open source software like Drupal strips away barriers to innovative development. Previously, license arrangements prevented us from innovating, not to mention IT is traditionally a solitary endeavour.

For me DrupalCamp London is a special time in the calendar where many of us gather and reaffirm our sense of being part of something bigger than us. There’s something powerful about a conference of this scale, being face to face with those on a daily basis you only meet in the ether. It is invigorating and empowering.

Celebrating it’s 5th Birthday, yes Alex Burrows we are expecting cake, I’m certain we are in for an exceptional weekend. We have 2 staff selected to present during the weekend. Both talks reference real world client project and emphasise hitherto emphasised important benefits of Drupal 8 to developers and end users alike.

“A new era of accessibility in Drupal 8” - Phil Wolstenholme
Drupal 8 is the most accessible version of Drupal, and brings with it some features not seen in any other Content Management System, open-source or proprietary.
Whether you’re a Drupal newbie or a seasoned developer, anyone can take advantage of these features that come out-of-the-box. We’ll learn how to make the most of them, why they are necessary, and how to extend them in our own custom development to keep up high standards of accessibility.

“A-jax of all trades” - James Hall
A whistle-stop tour of the Drupal AJAX API including some of the changes and improvements introduced in Drupal 8. This is a relatively high-level introduction to the topic and is aimed aimed at those developers who have had little or no experience with the API previously.

Friday’s CxO Day - The business of Drupal
The CxO day is always a highlight for me. The knowledge exchange it fosters between business, public sector, non profit end users of Drupal and suppliers is vital to ensure we continue to evolve and improve our understanding. I enjoy speaking to people from the variety of sectors and sizes of organisations, discussing how Drupal may provide answers to their business challenges.

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