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    Women in Tech: Who has inspired your career?

     Happy International Women's Day!

    To celebrate, we asked a few fantastic women in tech: “Who has...


    CXO DrupalCamp London 2019

    Running a business is demanding. To be successful requires leadership be equipped with a broad...


    How do you start contributing to Drupal without code?

    Outlets for contributing to Drupal beyond code, whilst abundant, are not always evident to those...

    Drupal camp 2018 Ryan Szrama

    Drupal Camp London 2019

    Drupal Camp London is a 3-day event celebrating the users, designers, developers and advocates of...


    10 Books Every Drupal Developer Should Read

    Drupal is an enormously welcoming community with countless online forums and community events to...


    Marketing Drupal to Customers: a Drupal Europe Initiative. Call for Contributors!

    Whilst at Drupal Europe last month, I was privileged to be invited by Drupal’s founder, Dries...


    The Annual CTI Pool Tournament

    Our Manchester headquarters houses the infamous blue pool table. Much fought over, there’s always a...

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    See you at NWDUG Unconference!

    The Drupal Unconference is coming up in November and we can’t wait! Following the huge success of...

    Drupal Sprint

    Distributed Drupal Sprints UK

    This weekend we hosted members of NWDUG who held the UK’s first ever distributed Drupal Sprint,...


    Drupal Europe: The Big Announcements

    Drupal Europe is an entirely volunteer-led event, welcoming hundreds of people to celebrate the...

    Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.43.21

    CTI Goes to Acquia Engage Europe 2018

    This June, Acquia will host their inaugural Acquia Engage Europe conference in London. Naturally,...


    NWDUG Drupal Contribution Sprints

    Last weekend I attended my first ever Drupal Sprint organised by NWDUG.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 13.26.22

    CTI's Own Rakesh James to Speak at DrupalCamp Scotland

    DrupalCamp Scotland is taking place at the University of Edinburgh on Saturday 19th May. Bringing...


    Magento 2.2.4 release on the 2nd May

    Yesterday, Magento announced at it's Annual 'Imagine' conference in Las Vegas that the latest minor...


    Why Drupal Contribution is Important

    In my humble opinion, as a Drupal developer, contributing back to the Drupal Community is something...

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